Compass Group offers you, the Client, a wide variety of services that cannot be beaten by any other company in the industry. Compass Group consists of five holding companies (BEE Veri, Global Central Labour Brokers, Compass Training Solutions, HR Compass and Compass Management Development Solutions) that joined forces to deliver services of the highest standard to our Clients.

Compass Group was established to fulfil the growing demand of companies in the Mining, Industrial, Construction, Hospitality and Commercial sectors. We are a company that provides a one stop service that ensures you (the Client) time to concentrate and apply your own hands-on approach to your personal endevours in your own company. Together with the Compass Group, we strengthen and develop your business.

With the growing demand of services needed by the Client, we had only one solution: to expand. We needed a company with great stature, honour, professionalism, steed, and compatability structure with the Compass Group.

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